Member rankings~ :) Morning Musume Edition

MM1. JunJun


This should come as no surprise to a lot of people who know me but for those who don’t – I’m a huge JunJun fangirl. She’s the only one I look for in PV’s and lucky for me there was a lot of her in the Nanchatte Renai PV ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m attempting to collect all her tour shirts so if anyone is trying to get rid of her Bon Kyu Bon Kyu BOMB shirt or her Singles Daizenshuu shirt then let me know ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Kamei Eri


If JunJun wasn’t in MM then Eri would definitely be my favourite. It used to be close between them but after that Fujiwara show JunJun shot miles ahead of Kamei. Anyway, Eri is hot and is (in my opinion) one of the best singers in H!P. I think the only one who actually tops her would be Ai o.o She’s also a fantastic dancer!

3. Niigaki Risa


Risa is rather sexy to say the least, especially with her new hair – wow. I am a member of the Gaki Green Shoe Club which Lolli is the president of (and btw Lolli = win). So yeah. And she’s funny, with her constant “USO!”‘s XD

4. Takahashi Ai


I used to think Ai was seriously overrated but after listening to Yume Kara Samete for a few days on constant repeat I changed my mind and ended up liking her a lot, and realising that not only does she deserve all her lines in singles, she deserves to be Morning Musume’s leader and deserves to lead in all singles ๐Ÿ˜€

5. Mitsui Aika


For some reason Aika used to seriously piss me off. But that all changed when I realised she seriously puts a lot of effort into everything she does, and though she’s far from being the best singer in Morning Musume (or Hello! Project for that matter) and I still don’t understand why she was picked instead of Kikka, she really is improving.

6. Tanaka Reina


Like Aika, Reina used to piss me off a lot, and though I don’t like her as much as Ai she is also a really good singer and dancer. I also get what Tsunku meant when he said she was the closest to being a perfect Musume member, but I can’t help but wonder why her and not Ai? o.o

7. Kusumi Koharu


For some reason I seem to go through phases of liking and disliking Koharu, but this is neither. I’m actually pretty neutral towards Koha most of the time. The main thing about her is that her Kirarin singles (except for Chance! and Happy Happy Sunday!), her voice is incredibly irritating. But when she tries to sing properly she generally sounds awesome.

8. LinLin


While I like her almost the least in MM I do think she has a pretty awesome voice. She sounded great in Aozora whatever in Platinum 9 Disco, and she genuinely shined in that concert aswell, particularly in her duet with JunJun (Fine Emotion) and Guru Guru Jump, but I still can’t help the fact that JunJun shines more for me.

9. Michishige Sayumi


And last but not least is Sayu. The main reason she’s last is because of her… lack of vocal talent shall we say, but that’s not her fault. She really does try but I sometimes can’t stand listening to her voice. Apart from that, I do like Sayu a lot but that’s why she ranks below the other members for me. I actually felt really bad for her on London Hearts when Misono was laying into her, but Sayu can give as good as she gets it seems. She’d make an awesome tarento if she decided to leave MM.


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A series of overdue PV reviews! 3rd; Ama no Jaku

So third in the series is Ama no Jaku! This weekend will be a double-A-side special (though SYO isn’t one) as I’ll be reviewing Seishun Bus Guide/Rival tomorow and Shouganai Yume Oibito/3,2,1 Breaking Out! on Sunday. It’s easier to do them in one post each if I’m honest XD Anyway, onto the review for Ama no Jaku…

  • Whoever is writing ‘S/mileage’ at the start has very neat handwriting. Useless observation.
  • Reminds me of Honto no Jibun with the school setting, haha.
  • The dance is so cute, I love minihats ๐Ÿ˜€
  • The costumes are win.
  • Err… linedancing?
  • I like all the photos on the blackboard ๐Ÿ˜€
  • God, I love school uniforms. They’re adorable.
  • Wow, a lot of photos of Yuuka…
  • Saki is kind of… odd in this unit. Not sure if I like her in it.
  • Kanon’s hair is teh awesomez
  • Guitar solo? Out of place but rather good ๐Ÿ˜€
    Haha, Ayacho pretending to draw.
  • Pitch change? I like it.
  • I really like the dance and how they all start sections at different times, it’s interesting.
  • Oh god, what was with the Egg thing at the end? They’re not a Shugo Chara unit anymore.
  • Did I say it reminds me of Honto no Jibun?

All in all I like it. It’s much better than any other indies PV I’ve watched ๐Ÿ™‚

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A series of overdue PV reviews! 2nd; Omakase Guardian

I really loved this song when I posted about the preview before, and that hasn’t changed at all. But I got lazy and never bothered to review the PV, so I’m going to now ๐Ÿ™‚

Omakase Guardian Guardians 4

  • Aww, they all look really happy.
  • Aika and Risako centre, no surprise there.
  • Outfits = win
  • Eeeee, cute dance!
  • Like Shugo Chara Egg there are anime clips. I like ittt.
  • Everyone looks uberly cute!
  • I love Yurina…..
  • Aika’s long line before the chorus is amazing.
  • Lucky happy makasete ne… too catchy
  • Cheerleaders!!!
  • V-sainu! Too cute…
  • Aika doesn’t annoy me at all in this song. At all.
  • Risako’s long line before the chorus is also amazing.
  • Ahh, I love the swaying with the big banner! It’s so cute.
  • I like the boards they turn over when they sing a certain line!
  • Guardians 4 are the best group ever.
  • Yurina totally stands out. She’s so tall. And amazing.
  • They’re all so cute when they’re doing peace signs at the end of the PV! Eee!

Yes, it’s not exactly the most high-budget PV. But it’s awesomely cute. Which is the best thing.

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A series of overdue PV reviews! 1st; MY BOY

Since I said I’d post reviews of H!P PV’s when I got round to it, I’m going to review the PV’s I promised to post about (Omakase Guardian, MY BOY and Seishun Bus Guide), plusย  some others (Shouganai Yume Oibito, 321 Breaking Out!, Rival, Ama no Jaku, Shochuu Omimai Mashiagemasu [or whatever] and Nanchatte Renai) so I’m finally caught up, lol. I’m going to go with my bullet-point method that I went with last time too, it’s so much easier than anything else to comment as I watch it lol. This also means I will have er… a lot of posts lol, so it’s a PV review post-spam! XD

MY BOYBuono!

  • Heart shaped box? Anyone else reminded of Nirvana? No?
  • Security guards ooer
  • …The dance doesn’t fit.
  • Buono! are burglars ๐Ÿ˜
  • They all sound epic as usual, but the dance is weird.
  • I like the Engrish! RIDE ON
  • Shit the outfits are awesome
  • …Airi is hot. Wow.
  • Wait, so’s Momoko.
  • …. And Miyabi.
  • Awesome socks and short shorts and skirts ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Momoko really is win.
  • What is it with H!P and one earring? They aren’t Boy George or whatever.
  • I really like this song, actually.
  • Buono! really are a superunit
  • Wow, awesome guitar solo after the second chorus. And an energised dance. Wow.
  • That is so Buono!. All that for a piece of cake. It looks nice but… you know.

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First Kanna and now Erika?!

So I haven’t posted here in a few months, due to lack of effort and exams more than anything. I hate to admit I haven’t been all that bothered about Kanna leaving, deep down I had a suspicion that she’d left and that her bunion was an excuse which may or may not be true, but now Erika, my favourite member is leaving? I’m really starting to become wary about having another favourite in C-ute in case they leave, but then again it’s not that likely that Maimi would leave when her and Airi are the faces of the group… Either way, I have to admit I’m gutted. I do have to admit though that I’m glad that Erika is getting a graduation as she’s the first one to get one in the whole of C-ute (and hopefully nobody else has to have one because they don’t leave, lol). I do have to ask, what’s next for C-ute? Are they going to stick with 5-nin C -ute for a while, which I think is too small considering they’ve gone from 7-nin to 5-nin in a matter of months, or are they going to add some new Eggs so that they’re equal with Berryz once more? Either way, I hope for the latter as although it might seem to some that Kanna and Erika are being replaced, to me it just introduces more amazing personalities into an amazing group.

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YesAsia vs. CD Japan

So even though I pre-ordered Morning Musume’s new single (both LE’s) and Guardians 4’s single (LE) from YesAsia the other day I realised I really wanted to get the RE of Guardians 4’s single aswell to get the first press feature. Since I’d already placed an order for pretty much everything I want at the moment from YesAsia I didn’t see the point in pre-ordering the RE of Omakase Guardian from YesAsia because the shipping would’ve made it pretty expensive. Now, the total cost including shipping from CD Japan was cheaper than the actual cost of the CD at YesAsia, so I made my first CD Japan order moments ago.

Then I thought of something interesting.

Why not have a little competition to see which one turns up first? A lot of people have told me that CD Japan is a lot quicker than YesAsia, but in the latter’s defence whenever I’ve preordered anything from there it’s always turned up in about a week, give or take. So what I’m going to do is see which one turns up first and then maybe either take my business from YesAsia to CD Japan or stick with YesAsia. I’ll post the result when the first item turns up… which won’t be for a while yet.

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Hangry&Angry ‘Sadistic Dance’ Review

So I think it came as a surprise to a lot of people when Japanfiles put up a link to download Hangry&Angry’s new (and unfortunately) download-only single, which is pretty cooly called ‘Sadistic Dance’. You can listen to the preview ofย  it here;

I actually quite like the song, even though this is only my second listen. To me it sounds sort of more… trance than all their other songs. It also really, really reminds me of a tATu song, which may or may not be a bad thing. The ‘this is my vibe’ line at first sounded to me as ‘this is my life’, but a few people seem to have heard it as ‘this is my bike’ or in my dad’s case, ‘cheesy fried rice’. Say no more.

I look forwards to hearing the full song, and I’m glad that Hangry&Angry weren’t just a one-shot unit. I hope to hear more from them.

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